Lower & OSp – Snowy Hills

Lower & OSp – Snowy Hills

Lower & Osp´s new EP, edited by UNERS´s label Solar Distance, has become the new phenomenon in the electronic industry in spite of the fact that it was only released a few days ago. Now, the videoclip to « Snowy Hill » has exceeded all the expectations.

Lower & Osp warned us. The duo said that 2017 was going to be their year and they are keeping their word. The duo, showing us their audacity and intelligence, presented their EP via Solar Distance in February. This EP only took a few days to reach nº23 on Beatport’s Top Selling Techno Releases chart.

At present, the duo, in a new explosion of limitless creativity (their trademark), has joined forces with Jaume Sucarrats to create a video which meets expectations of what the track Snowy Hills deserves. It all begins with a fade-to-black, the nothing or the conjunction of everything, and a little snowball in the middle. That object of childhood reminiscences which becomes once again the gate to new worlds and imaginary dimensions, which at the same time are possible. The protagonist, performed by Jon López, knows this and surrenders in a catharsis of dance and impossible movements to the vast strength of the object of his desire. There is no reality and there is no fiction either, it’s a different state, a new one, a state of constant search and exploration like Lower & Osp’s music. The image, in Jaume Sucarrats and Jordi Arús’ hands, perfectly represents the huge range of textures that form “Snowy Hills”, while its epic character acts as the guiding thread in this visual hypnotic story which catches the spectator.




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Morgan Morgan

15 mars 2017

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