Cinema (Skrillex Remix) – LUCA LUSH Flip

Cinema (Skrillex Remix) – LUCA LUSH Flip

This will be our first feature of Soundcloud artist Luca Lush who’s been making waves this year for his lush remixes and originals. If you haven’t heard of Luca Lush or any of his music, his latest flip of Skrillex’s iconic remix to « Cinema » by Benny Benassi will make the most appropriate introduction.

To remix a remix of a widely recognizable and praised classic is no easy task. However, Luca Lush executes his flip without flaw, incorporating a similar arrangement of the original remix with a murderous trap augmentation.

The track introduces itself with a light piano vibrato alongside Gary’s vocals. Subtle percussion work is added and quickly builds to a drop that boasts reverberating horns and choppy synths. Although Luca Lush gives you a small breather between drops, he does not let up as he sizes up for an even bigger second drop featuring a collection of menacing mechanical synths. A job well done. Make sure to grab your free download below.

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Morgan Morgan

6 octobre 2016

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