ANOTR ‘Strobe EP’ (Edits)

ANOTR ‘Strobe EP’ (Edits)

DFTD has discovered fresh new talent, ANOTR, who are breaking into the underground dance world with first ever release, the three track ‘Strobe EP’. The powerful diva vocals that shine through on title track ‘Strobe’ set a pace for the track that ties the entire EP as one that will do irreversible damage on the dancefloor. ‘Stop The Music’ maintains a build-up-drop composition in similar vein, but the track rips forward through its strong techy drum layers and cheeky vocal stabs, while ‘Passin Me By’ brings its own soulful vocal flare and has deep rolling percussive elements that build up and stimulate momentum.

ANOTR ‘Strobe EP’

1. Strobe
2. Stop The Music
3. Passin Me By

ANOTR ‘Strobe EP’ (Edits)

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Morgan Morgan

6 octobre 2015

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