Dead Cat Bounce – Resurgence

Dead Cat Bounce – Resurgence

Dead C∆T Bounce is an electro duo that consits of the French, Antoine Lanneluc, and Italian, Fillippo Gorla. These two guys are based out of Luxembourg. They have already found their own unique sound at the early ages of 22 & 23.

In the past 3 years, Dead C∆T Bounce have, in no uncertain words, taken the electro/dubstep scene by storm. With an ever increasing online and international following, they also begin to tour Europe intensively sharing the stage with Cyberpunkers, Tom Deluxx, Vitalic, Etienne de Crecy, Drivepilot and many mores.

You gotta love their « complextro » style with bouncing synths melodies, glitchy breaks and smooth drops !


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13 mai 2015

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