Paul Vinitsky – Vendace In The Mix 2014

Paul Vinitsky – Vendace In The Mix 2014

All upcoming trends in 2015 in trance & uplifting from Vendace Records label in the newest mixed album of Paul Vinitsky!
Paul Vinitsky, one of the most established artists (dj, producer) in trance music from Russia with his quite personal musical taste presents Vendace In The Mix 2014, the exclusive annual compilation of Vendace Records. It’s the story or even the wonderful journey into trance music. This year it’s full of uplifting tunes and the average BPM is not less then 138. We’re glad to share with you the future plans of the label with the fish symbol.

The journey starts with the massive main room trance and trance 2.0 from Ilya Morozov & Witness45 following by fantastic melodic tracks by the label residents Mobil and Dallaz Project. Continuing uplifting travel let’s welcome new artists Mhammed El Alami, Ula & Fisical Project with their atmospherical debut tunes. Then you can hear memorable portion of great 138 to 139 bpm trance from DelAir, Sean Mathews and Frank Waanders. All three deliver fantastic tunes from year to year. The quality becomes better, the grooves stronger! The final psy-trance influenced uplifting part which we call ‘psylifting’ is packed with the gems from Paul Vinitsky, Outside the Bounds and Nick Callaghan.

Just click play button and start your incredible journey with the best producers and fabulous tracks from Vendace Records. Disappear in the waves of true trance music. Listening to these 14 tracks is like getting the breath of fresh air in EDM. Enjoy Vendace In The Mix 2014 carefully selected and mixed for you by Paul Vinitsky.



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Morgan Morgan

14 janvier 2015

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