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MORTEN – Wreck

MORTEN – Wreck

Danish DJ and producer MORTEN reveals “Wreck” as the third free single from his self­ titled EP.
Boundary ­breaking “Wreck” follows the sonic path of “Liquids” which rejects a standard festival drop but certainly is not lacking in energy. Melodic and sweet, the progressive single has an unpredicted psy­trance breakdown that will have feet moving.
MORTEN lives life to its fullest. From amping up crowds of thousands worldwide, to snowboarding, surfing, and motorcycling, this thrill­ seeking international talent wants to experience the thrill of it all.
In the studio or in the club, MORTEN possesses a unique and eclectic ear for sound, and the ability to transition effortlessly through the gamut of genres, ranging from uplifting progressive to heavy­ stepping electro. With the current trends influencing the dance music sphere, an act as wildly versatile as MORTEN is hard to come by and will suit the most discerning of crowds. His live performances and original productions are perfectly tailored for a high ­energy environment; the kind of life on which MORTEN thrives.
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23 juin 2014

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